BearingsNowhere are Omnia Wälzlager's high standards more prevalent than in the bearings they produce. Decades of knowledge, high quality and attention to detail have culminated in Omnia Wälzlager's current bearing catalogue including a wide range of combinations and bearing solutions not available from other bearing suppliers.

The combination of Omnia Wälzlager's state of the art production facility and long standing expertise have enabled them to move significantly towards their open aim of offering the very best economically efficient -high quality steel bearings available.
Conforming to ISO and DIN standards throughout, bearing construction is a meticulous process where every detail is scrutinised, ensuring its ultimate compliancy to the standards required.
Despite different types of bearings and manufacturing demands, every piece undergoes specific procedures, clearly detailed and recorded throughout the bearing manufacturing process.
Inner and outer rings manufactured from hardened DIN 100Cr6 or 100CrMo7 steel subjected to regular or bainitic hardness are used as standard, however, on request, Omnia Wälzlager can also offer a stabilised version treated at different temperatures to suit the application. Alternatively, case hardened steel conforming to DIN: 20MnCr5 - Cr4 or 18NiCrMo5 and 16CrNi4 going through cementation, hardness and normalising processes is also available.
Bearing cages are manufactured using carefully selected high resistance Copper or Aluminium compounds. In special cases specific materials such as soft steel or fabric reinforced phenolic resin is used. With the exception of non-metallic materials, all cages can be specially heat treated, polished or phosphate coated depending on specification; ensuring all bearings meet and often exceed their performance requirements.
Not forgetting, the most integral part of the assembly itself, the bearing balls or rollers, which are again manufactured from DIN: 100Cr6 or 100CrMo7 hardened steel, yielding high resistance and long life.
The design is carried over in accordance with DIN ISO 281 for dynamic load, or DIN ISO 76 to determine static bearing strength.
Once manufactured, severe checking comes to ensure that all components meet strictly the requirements.  Both the geometric conditions and the required hardness and roughness. Also the crystalline structure of the steel is checked.
The confidence these policies and procedures generate, enable Omnia Wälzlager to concentrate further on developing an already impressive range including:

  • Ball bearings
  • Roller bearings
  • Combined bearings
  • Thrust bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Needle bearings
  • Spherical bearings
  • Axial bearings
  • Radial bearings
  • And much more

In addition to the more broadly used types of bearings listed, Omnia Wälzlager's custom production service extends the range further than many other bearing suppliers can achieve. Whether you require over-size bearings, increased load demands or schematic specific components, Omnia Wälzlager will have the correct solution for you.
Please feel free to browse the on-line bearing catalogue, if you are unable to locate the types of bearings to suit your specific requirement then please contact Omnia who will only be too pleased to help.