Ball Bearings

Ball BearingsWithout doubt the most commonly used bearing is the ball bearing. The ball bearing can be found within literally millions of everyday items from a child's roller skate to a formula one race car or a desktop printer to a mile long truss bridge.
So called because of the spherical 'balls' cradled between both inner and outer bearing rings, in conventional terms, the 'balls' support loads transferred from any point of contact with the rings, this load, is in turn transmitted to the opposing race or ring, giving the bearing its versatility.
Simple in design; steel ball bearings are often cost effective yet extremely versatile - due predominantly to fact that they can deal with both radial and axial forces, run at very high speeds and are excellent where noise and vibration limitations are required.

Ball Bearing Types

Expanding on the general theory, ball bearings are manufactured to maximise effectiveness to the specific forces to which they will be subjected; for instance a simple thrust bearing specially designed to support 100% of the axial force applied with little consideration to a negligible radial force, is theoretically the same design to that of it its more conventional cousin - yet with an inner and outer ring rotated to a lateral 90°.
By synergising this fundamental design with the specific needs of their clients, Omnia Waelzlager has developed an ever expanding ball bearing catalogue, currently including:

  • Standard ball bearings
  • Deep groove ball bearing
  • Radial ball bearing
  • Thrust ball bearings
  • Slewing ring bearing
  • Track rollers
  • Angular contact bearings
  • And more besides

Common Uses

Used throughout industries worldwide; ball bearings are commonplace in the home, car, workplace on land or sea or in the air. Though ball bearings work using the same principal, Omnia Waelzlagers specialist knowledge and experience within this area push these principals to the nth degree, ensuring the minutest detail is taken into consideration prior to selecting the correct bearing for the task.
Catering to a worldwide market Omnia Waelzlager, not only make it their aim to identify the most cost effective solution, but also the most reliable and effectual depending on the application.

With state of the art manufacturing facilities on-site, Omnia Waelzlager selection criteria is not restricted to those bearings currently available, but to a huge selection of materials, dimensions or manufacturing specifics explicitly suited to meet the demands of the application. Whether your requirement is for the manufacturing or maintenance of:

  • Forklifts
  • Lifting gear
  • Elevation systems
  • Logistics
  • Automation
  • Steel industry

Amongst their current client base, Omnia Waelzlager is the partner of choice for all ball bearing requirements; a partnership that begins long before and continues long after the point of sale.