Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust ball bearings are axial separable ball bearings designed to accommodate axial loads and locate a shaft axially. Due to this fact, they must not carry radial load. They are used when the axial forces are too high to be transmitted by radial bearings and when a rigid axial guidance is required.
Thrust ball bearings basically consist of shaft washers, housing washers and cage assembly. The shaft washer has a bore that is slightly smaller than the bore of the housing washers and it is ground so that it enables an interference fit.
The separable design allows the mounting in different moments and positions. For this reason the cage assembly is realized in manner to retain the spheres when handled without the other bearing parts.
Normally the small and medium size thrust ball bearings are equipped with pressed sheet-steel cages. Large bearing are fitted with machined cage made of steel or brass.

Single direction thrust ball bearings, transmission of load in one direction only.
Double direction thrust ball bearings, transmission of load in two directions.
Thrust ball bearings with spherical housing washers, adjust the misalignments.