Combined Bearings

The adjective combined means that these combined bearings are able to transmit loads both in radial and axial direction. An axial bearing is present on the radial stud of the bearing. Its purpose is to run in the groove of the mast, allowing the load to be transmitted in the axial direction without harming the mast and the bearing itself and regardless of the radial to axial load ratio.
Each part of the combined bearing is designed by Omnia in order to minimize the value of the specific pressure all along the load lines. So the outer ring is designed and shaped to work properly with the most used kinds of mast profiles in the world of machines manufacturers.
The internal design follows the standard rules for bearing manufacturing. The knowledge of Omnia regarding the materials and their treatment, results in the optimal solution regarding efficiency and working life for both the bearing and the mast.

Fixed combined bearing
Adjustable combined bearing with axial support. Adjustable from the front side by means of spacers.
Adjustable combined bearing with screw, adjustable from the head of the stud.
Adjustable combined bearing with eccentric stud
 Adjustable combined bearing for high loads
Radial bearings with stud.