Needle Bearings

Needle roller bearings are fitted with a particular type of roller. Those rollers have a ratio diameter to length in the range of 1/2,5 and 1/10. This give them they main feature, to be suitable for applications where the cross-section space is limited.
The rollers can be guided firmly by cages or on the machined ribs of a bearing ring if present. As usual, the absence of a cage permits the maximum possible number of rolling elements to be fitted in the bearing, promoting the load-carrying characteristic. Full-complement needle roller bearings are suitable for relatively high loads. On the other hand the presence of the cage improves the kinematic aspect, reducing friction.
Needle rollers of needle roller bearings are designed to reduce the peak stress at roller ends, in fact the diameter of the needle varies along the length, reducing itself towards the ends, improving the load distribution and the bearing life.

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