Conveyor bearings

Needle Bearings: Conveyor bearings Needle Bearings: Conveyor bearings
Those bearings for conveyor systems are normally cylindrical needles rollers bearings or cylindrical rollers bearings and they can have the cage or be full complement.

Our bearings are used widely in pallet conveying systems. For this particular application, dimensions and features of the bearing must be adapted to the requirements of the logistic facilities. So their form and dimensions could vary accordingly. The bearing is produced mainly on order. As Omnia works for many pallet conveying systems manufacturers, there is normally plenty of spare parts ready to be delivered.

Their construction implicates the almost exclusive use of cementation steels. The construction takes place according to the displayed DIN-tables 620 and the calculations of the load factors are made according to the recommendations ISO R76 and R281.

Our bearings for pallet conveying systems are pre-lubricated with different kind of grease according the application and the temperature range.