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ComponentsOmnia gained experience in supplying components for industries. Please see further for our pulleys and profiles.


Omnia Waelzlager are able to provide bespoke products under a long term supply agreement for large ongoing contract orders or supply standard product such as:

  • Forklift pulley
  • Crane Pulley
  • General steel Pulley
  • Chain pulley

All used within environments and industries including:

  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Manufacturers of cranes and lifting gear
  • Automation or robotic manufacture
  • Construction and mining

This places Omnia Waelzlager in the enviable position as pulley suppliers with such a cross industry experience not common in standard bearing retailers world.
Whether the requirement is a steel pulley, chain pulley, forklift pulley or crane pulley, Omnia Waelzlager should be the first choice to deliberate on the best possible solution to suit the application. Everything from the Pulley range is ready to fit, easily replicated and therefore easily replaced and supported long into the future.


Omnia profiles can be cold rolled, hot rolled or rolled and machined. They can be standard profiles or tailor-made components according to customers wishes.
They are suitable for logistical applications, such as forklift trucks and goods handling plants, also for almost all areas of the steel processing industry. Basically for all the applications that involves linear movements and requires high stress resistance.