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Omnia Waelzlager (Bearings)

Omnia Waelzlager (Bearings) Omnia Waelzlager (waelzlager means bearings in german) is a bearing company experienced over decades, operating in several fields of the industry as bearing wholesaler. Mostly known as a roller bearing manufacturer, we developed skills and experience in supplying various kind of products, including:

  • Roller bearings;
  • Ball bearings;
  • Needle bearings;
  • Slewing bearings;
  • Spherical bearings;
  • Pulleys;
  • And much more …

Our aim is to act not only like a bearing distributor, but indeed to use our knowledge to give indications over a comprehensive range of products helping the clients in doing their best choice.
In the last years the company is pushing on the efficiency and cost effectiveness, with huge efforts in terms of engineering and in renewing the facilities. Always with the priority of the quality in service and to the needs of the clients, taking the level of service to a new standard.